1450 Broadway

1450 Broadway

New York, NY

The Zar Group 2012

1450 Broadway, a 1930s skyscraper located in Times Square and epitomic of the work of its renowned architect, Ely Jacques Kahn, serves as a potent reminder of the grand, forward-looking visions of 20th century New York City architecture. MdeAS reestablished 1450 Broadway’s prestige for a new era, bringing the building up to standard for today’s high-profile tenants by creating a contemporary space that improves access and visibility.

Clean, simple lines are used throughout the space, accentuating natural material features like the dramatic striations of the Bardiglio marble, which create an engaging focal point that captures the eye of visitors by contrasting the vivid visual texture of the marble with the smooth, geometric lines of the lobby.

Finally, the design coalesces with a bespoke security desk made of white glass with flanking Caldia Classico marble panels and LED lighting detail, forming the unifying piece for this modern, sophisticated space.