Tower 56

126 East 56th Street

New York, NY

Transwestern Investment Company 2011

At Tower 56, a Class A office building located in prime Midtown East, MdeAS transformed a dark, outdated lobby into a luxurious and welcoming space worthy of Midtown East’s top-echelon office tenants. MdeAS breathed new life into the building; activating dead space and discarding outdated finishes and a drab color palette in favor of rich materials complimented by an enlarged glass entry. The result is an engaging, vibrant space that ushers in light and air while showcasing MdeAS’ signature, modern touch.

The entry features prominent signage and a sweeping two-story glass entrance, dramatically transforming street-level views through an inviting sense of transparency and openness. The lobby interior is illuminated by contemporary recessed lighting that enhances a fresh material palette of honed-finish Blue Masaccio marble for the front desk and floors and, for the walls, honed Blue de Savoie marble interspersed with opaque white glass panels. The enlivened lobby invites visitors to linger in the space with the addition of a semi-private lounge providing a serene retreat for tenants and visitors.